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Renegade Rows

By Lisa Shaffer What is a renegade row? It’s a great rowing exercise and ab exercise. If you haven’t tried it add this to your next workout and feel the effects for days. Basic renegade row: (beginner level) You will need 2 kettlebells that are the same size. You will also want to be sure […]

Burpee + Sandbag clean = Crazy Cardio Workout

By Lisa Shaffer This is one of my favorite exercises with a sandbag. It’s simple but brutal. It takes the already dreaded burpee and 1) adds a fun aspect to it and 2) really increases the intensity. As if a burpee needed intensity added to it. But hey, there’s always the fun aspect and it’s […]

Megaball Workout

By Lisa Shaffer Ever wonder what to do with a medicine ball? Or, if you could do a whole workout with one? I like the medicine ball workouts for active recovery on “off” days or just added conditioning at the end of a weight training session. They are also great exercises to use for Tabata […]

Rick Bradley

Getting Stronger After Injuries

By Rick Bradley I am currently 47 years old, and had 3 surgeries before the age of 40. I have torn my meniscus, left and right knee. Instead of accepting the limited range of motion my injuries caused me, I was determined to get my knees stronger. Waking up in pain and limping for the […]


How Kettlebell Swings Helped Me Do A Pull-Up

I’m a kettlebell enthusiast.  The kettlebell swing is probably my all time favorite exercise.  There’s so many ways to swing the kettlebell and challenge yourself.  You could go light, you could go heavy (you could do both!), you could swing for reps, swing for time, one hand, two hands, alternate hands, ladders, it’s really endless!! […]

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Swinging Away Back Pain

There have been estimations stating that 80% of Americans will experience back pain some time in their life1 (Web MD, Mayo Clinic). Choosing an appropriate therapeutic, corrective exercise to address back pain can be quite the conundrum. One of the many goals in addressing back pain with movement is not only to modulate the pain, but to keep the […]

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Kettlebell Therapy™: Restoring Movement with Natural Physics

As a Physical Therapist, I have used kettlebells to rehabilitate and promote health in individuals with low back pain, shoulder impingement, ankle sprains, medial knee pain, myocardial infarction, mitral valve replacement, and much more. Who would have thought that a cast iron ball would be so clinically effective and versatile? Like most people, when I […]


Kettlebells + Traditional Martial Art Training = Pain

by Jim Beaumont Traditional martial art forms training is not meant as a light cardiovascular workout, or as a warm-up or cool-down phase of training. It is meant to be executed with as much power as possible, hardening the body and lungs, and disciplining the mind and body for combat. Forms are prearranged patterns, called […]


New Warrior Training Fortune 500 Workout

By: Sincere Hogan Warmer weather is right around the corner, for most of us. If you don’t believe me, the next time you are in the supermarket, take a glance at the various headlines gracing the magazine stand. You will be hard-pressed not to find one not daring you to “Get Beach Ready, Now!” “Lose […]

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The Journey For a Lifetime

by Bobbi Devine The Beginning…. I looked in the mirror and said “I need to lose weight”.  How many times had I said those words to myself?  But when did I ever really “do” anything about it?  My mind was blank.  Oh sure, a couple of times I had half-heartedly started a “walking program”, only […]

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