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Rick Bradley

Getting Stronger After Injuries

By Rick Bradley I am currently 47 years old, and had 3 surgeries before the age of 40. I have torn my meniscus, left and right knee. Instead of accepting the limited range of motion my injuries caused me, I was determined to get my knees stronger. Waking up in pain and limping for the […]


Kettlebell Training with Rick

By: Rick Bradley I grew up chunky, never really in shape. I fell into the trap most American males do- you get married, get old and fat, and then die. Let me fast forward to the age of 37. At 37, I was divorced, drinking excessively, eating gallons of ice cream, and watching The Sopranos. […]


4-Week Kettlebell Press and Swing Program

In January, I embarked on Lisa Shaffer’s 10,000 Kettlebell Swing Challenge. 10,000 swings in one month, 400-500 swings a day five to six days a week. I knew I would have to find a way to break up that volume of swings in order to psychologically deal with the numbers, and also avoid muscular imbalance. […]


4rd Annual December Turkish Getup/Swing Challenge

By Jim Beaumont It is December again! Time for the 4th Annual December Turkish Getup/Swing Challenge. It is simple: Do one Turkish Getup (TGU) for each day of the month. One rep equals floor to standing on both sides. So, one rep on the first of the month, two the second day, three the […]


10,000 Swing Challenge

by Lisa Shaffer 10,000 swings in 30 days……┬áReally? Why? This was the reaction I received from some people when I announced I would be doing a 10,000 swing challenge in the month of January. My response was “Give it a try and find out”. Of course I pretty much knew what my results would be […]

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