Burpee + Sandbag clean = Crazy Cardio Workout

By Lisa Shaffer

This is one of my favorite exercises with a sandbag. It’s simple but brutal. It takes the already dreaded burpee and 1) adds a fun aspect to it and 2) really increases the intensity. As if a burpee needed intensity added to it. But hey, there’s always the fun aspect and it’s a little different.

Adding the sandbag clean to the burpee increases and helps develop the power in the hips and legs, it works your back, shoulders and arms and of course increases the cardio. You may not be able to do as many sandbag clean burpees as you do bodyweight burpees but every single rep you do will count twice as much.

Check out this video to see an example of how the exercise is performed.

You can start in a standing position holding the sandbag by the handles chest level or you can start, like in the video, with the sandbag placed in front of you about a foot. Your choice. Here are a few pointers to make it a smooth fluid motion.

To clean the sandbag be sure to keep your elbows in and not flare them out. Use the momentum from your legs and hips to get the sandbag up. There is no reason to pull it hard or
tug at it.



Notice the elbows close to the body in this picture

Ending and /or starting position. Hips inline with the shoulders and sandbag at chest level.

Ending and /or starting position. Hips inline with the shoulders and sandbag at chest level.

To reverse the clean, lower your arms and let the sandbag rotate down as your arms extend. At this point, push your hips back and start squatting down so the sandbag doesn’t pull or jerk
your arms. This should be a smooth transition to get the sandbag to the ground.

Have fun with this. There are other things you can add to make it even better. For example, when you are in the standing position, add an overhead press.


You could even add a squat and press.

Have fun with your workouts. Add variety and intensity and keep your body guessing.

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