Megaball Workout

By Lisa Shaffer
Ever wonder what to do with a medicine ball? Or, if you could do a whole workout with one? I like the medicine ball workouts for active recovery on “off” days or just added conditioning at the end of a weight training session. They are also great exercises to use for Tabata workouts or circuit training.

Here are 4 combo exercises that are sure to get the heart rate up and work the whole body at the same time. Give them a try!

Reverse Lunge with a twist

This works your legs, core, glutes, and even your arms and shoulders all at the same time. Do 5-10 reps per side and you will get your legs burning and heart pumping for sure. Be sure to keep your abs tight during the lunge for stabilization and your head follows the ball on the twist.

Russian Twist

This works your abs and core. It’s a good exercise to either put in the middle of your workout for a little break or add at the end for a blast to your abs and for a cool down. Make sure your head follows the ball when you twist from side to side. If you want to make it more challenging just lift your feet off the floor a few inches. Do 5-10 reps per side or more.

Up and Downs

This exercise works pretty much everything. It’s a deadlift with a curl and an overhead press. You could toss the ball up instead of pressing for a variation or to speed the exercise up for conditioning. Be sure to keep the abs tight and glutes tight during the overhead press to protect your lower back. Do 10 or more reps.

Lunge press

This is a forward lunge with an overhead press. Your working your legs, glutes, abs, arms and shoulders. Press the ball up as you lunge. Do 5-10 or more reps per side.

Perform these exercises back to back with little rest in between for 15-20 minutes and you have yourself a fast, overall body, conditioning workout.

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